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Sources and referencing

All research is based on sources. The relevance of different types of sources varies from subject to subject. Examples of sources include books, official reports, journal articles, images, maps, music, interviews, doctoral theses, newspapers and online documents.


The theme of your thesis, or more specifically your research question, is the starting point for selecting what sources to use. When you have sought and found relevant sources for your writing, you must ensure that they are reliable and live up to good academic standards.

Evaluate the sources for your thesis carefully. Take a stand on the sources you have chosen and explain why you rely on these particular sources.

To enable the reader to retrieve your sources, use in-text citations. All sources that have been cited in the text are listed at the end of your thesis. By doing this you enable readers to look up the information you have used, and control it or read more.

Last updated: June 19, 2019

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