Prefocus exploration

Start an orientating search to find the information you need. Select your initial literature, which will depend on your knowledge and requirements.

Set the subject in context and find relevant sources


What research has been published by researchers or students?



Write down:

  • What type of information do you need for your assignment?
  • Which sources are relevant and why? Use for example an annotated bibliography as an aid.



When you search in the databases and carry out orientating searches:

  • Search for general terms
  • Check which search language you have selected: Norwegian, English?
  • Use a try and fail approach

When you are in the library:

Look on the shelves. The books are sorted on the shelves by subject. The books are normally stacked using a classification system. The system, depending on the subject area, can be:

The result of the orientating search will not give you a complete overview. However, it should help you to get started and place the subject into the wider context.

You have now found information which can provide you with an overview of your subject. It can be difficult to maintain an overview of the sources you have collected and why they are relevant. An aid that can be used to help maintain an overview is an annotated bibliography.

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