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Formal requirements

There are several formal requirements regarding line spacing and font size etc. Many institutions have templates that you should use when submitting a thesis. These will have predefined styles for headings and subheadings, referencing systems and so on. If you have questions about this, contact your home institution. 

In addition, all academic writing is subject to rules about the use of quotations, citations,  lists of references and the ethical use of sources. Citations and references are used in order to substantiate your claims, to avoid plagiarism, and to enable other scholars to retrieve your sources. Also note that, even though your sources are authoritative and influential, you still need to evaulate and justify them in your context. 

Other formalities to think about:

  • Does your study require the use of technical devices and software? Are these available where you are studying?
  • Does your project raise any ethical issues?
  • Will you be interviewing informants or using questionnaires? If so you will need to obtain permission from the Norwegian Social Sciences Data Services (NSD) in order to collect data. Obtaining permission may take a couple of months.

Last updated: April 18, 2013

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