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About Search & Write

Search & Write is for all students who want to learn more about information gathering and academic writing, independent of institution and subject area.

An information literate person is someone who knows when and why they need information, how to find the information and how to evaluate, use and communicate the information in an ethical way (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals 2004).

Good thesis writing is based on good sources; therefore you need to devote time to search for information.

Search and write has four main parts:

Searching. In the searching section we show how searching for information can help you get started with your writing, and how good searches can help you focus the theme of your thesis and define the limits of your research question.

Reading. In the reading section we discuss different purposes of reading a text. By learning to analyze the argumentation in a text, you will become better posed to evaluate the arguments the author makes and the extent to which they coincide with your own text.

Writing. In the writing section you find tips for getting started with your writing. It also deals with topics that may be of use throughout the writing process, such as: language, style and structure, and also dissemination, publication and self-archiving.

Sources and referencing. When writing a thesis, it is essential to give proper references to the sources you have used, we will show you how to. It is important that your sources are of a certain quality, and that you use them actively and ethically while writing.

The different phases of thesis work mutually affect each other and to some extent overlap. The site has been designed to allow easy navigation between the different pages.

Search & Write is a collaboration between the libraries at Bergen University College, Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), University of Bergen and University of Oslo, and Academic Writing at the Department of Philosophy, University of Bergen.

Thanks go to the National Library of Norway for funding the project.

We thank Lotte Rienecker and Charlotte Albrechtsen for constructive comments regarding the website.

Last updated: March 20, 2013

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